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for IT and Corporate Professionals : IIT holds Big Data Analytics Tech Forum

Many organizations in almost every industry today do a great job of collecting big number of data. However, the challenge remains to get insights out of the data. This is where the study of Big Data Analytics comes in.
With the aim of providing insight in to the current trends in Big Data, Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) recently held the Big Data Analytics Tech Forum at BMICH for the successful second time.
At the event, leading researchers and experts in the field of data science shared key insights based on their experiences and challenges in the field of Big Data. The speakers for this event were Prof. Nirmalie Wiratunga from the School of Computing Science and Digital Media, Robert Gordon University, and Prof. John Mc Callfrom the Smart Data Technologies Centre of the Robert Gordon University.
Prof. Nirmalie herself being an alumnus of IIT commenced the forum on the topic of Data Driven Recommender Systems and how the study of Big Data Analytics would allow the creation more productive, modernization and economical solutions.
“The study of big data would allow cheaper and more productive solutions as the same job would be done with fewer resources. There’s an immense amount of data available in today’s day and age especially because of the wide use of social media”, she explained.
Following up on Prof. Nirmalie’s session was Prof. John McCall on Data Driven Optimization, with an emphasis on naturally inspired algorithms where he took a more practical approach citing actual case studies. “When you have very complex sets of data and you must make decisions at a rapid speed, systems should have intelligence to present you with the best options. ‘Big data takes away the effort of simply working out how to make decisions with all constraints and allows you to focus on the things that require a human’s decision to make. Decisions are not made using big data, but instead you are presented with good quality solutions” he further explained.
The Forum was preceded by a Q&A Session, where the attendees engaged on a high-level discussion touched upon researches, analytical techniques, and risk assessments of Big Data. The participants further enjoyed the informal networking setup, which helped them to meet, mingle and make contacts.
IIT is in the forefront of bringing postgraduate qualifications that are highly demanded in both local and global employability. Not only IIT is bringing the MSc in Big Data Analytics from the Robert Gordon University, but is also bringing down the industry expertise to influence the local industry and high-tech professionals through collaboration knowledge gatherings; thus leading our motherland in producing highly recognized opportunities for the specialists in Big Data.
Dr.Sampath Kannangara, CEO of IIT said, “We are proud to yet again step in and fill a much needed gap in a vital area of education with a globally recognized post-graduate degree”. “Big Data is one of the leading trends that would have a positive impact on world growth and sustainability. We are happy to spearhead the first MSc course in Big Data for the country,” he added.
To become a part of this elite MSc group in Big Data Analytics and to become a specialist who will be locally and globally highly paid professional, call now on 0722 72 72 72 . Limited seats available. Registrations are now on.

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