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AFTER EXAMS : Join kbbs campus to become professional accountants

Examination failures are not end of your life achievement.

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”
– Bill Gates
The school-leaving phase is a critical period in the life of a student. Appropriate career planning is vital to ensure that students are well informed about career options so that they are able to understand their own capabilities and align themselves with potential future career choices. Making the right choice depends largely on a student’s thorough knowledge of oneself as well as the well as the work environment. Students should be clear about their interests, values, needs, aptitudes and abilities. The career guidance programme provides students with comprehensive career options and helps them to seek avenues that match their abilities.
The KBBS Career Guidance Programme helps the students to determine their future careers, especially advice on Course duration, cost effectiveness, Syllabus Contents, Qualification requirement or alternative path. Job opportunities, skill migration opportunities, best tuition provider’s information etc.One of KBBS’ greatest assets is its lecturers. Our philosophy is simple – to ensure that only renowned subject specialist are elected to teach in our courses.

KBBS is a pioneer institute specializing in conducing classes for major Professional accountancy bodies such as ACCA UK, CIMA UK, CA Sri Lanka and AAT Sri Lankaconveniently located at two locations in Dehiwala and Colombo – 03; has created many success stories in the history of accountancy profession in Sri Lanka by obtaining numerous prizes for the best performance in the professional accountancy courses.KBBS has consistently proven itself as a leader in the field of accountancy education by producing high number of prize winners at all accountancy courses (ACCA, CA &etc).
This amazing performance is purely attributed to KBBS and probably Sri Lanka’s best panel of lecturers. Our institute is formed by some of the leading lecturers in Sri Lanka whose sole motive is to create a revolution in the accountancy profession by producing accountants who are not only paper qualified but also have the ability to work in a dynamic and practical environment.Studying in our institute gives you an advantage of receiving practical education as we also provide Internships in Leading Organizations in Sri Lanka. We will show you how to apply theoretical knowledge in reality – not only to pass exams and obtain qualifications, but to be an employable professional well prepared to meet daily challenges at the workplace.

Mr. Thumilan holds the position of Chairman and Directorship of several well-known and leading companies. In addition to his full time responsibilities as Chairman and other Directorships he functions as a senior visiting lecturer for number of leading professional institutions in Sri Lanka and overseas (UK, Male, Malaysia). He is an extremely popular, effective and successful lecturer in a number of subjects offered by THREE major professional accountancy bodies (CA/ACCA/CIMA). He is the ONLY LECTURER in Sri Lanka to conduct Lectures for ALL THREE LEADING PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANCY BODIES contributes significantly to his students’ success at examinations. He has a reputation for producing many prize winners and proven results in the professional examinations. With his triple advantage of experience, knowledge and qualification he provides excellent and ethical guidance For KBBS.

Each of the KBBS tutors are unique to other places because they have many years of professional teaching experience in all professional accountancy and Academic courses (CIMA, ACCA, CA,MCIM,MBA &etc) and are experts at guiding you through your course, introducing the right amount of material at the appropriate time, and explaining difficult concepts in clear, simple terms. Their teaching orientation is focused on ensuring you pass your exams in your 1st attempt even with prizes. Our tutors are proficient at keeping you motivated whilst you learn, and your lectures will be supported by first class study material.
If passing Professional examination is your goal and ambition, then KBBS is the proven option as the institute offers a versatile lecturer with hands on experience from the industry with a solid academic background, who would take the students through an in-depth analysis and discussion of case studies and who would offer individual attention for each student.
They go the extra mile by ensuring that students are molded into employable candidates with a sound education, providing our students with the tools they need to adapt and excel in a complex and constantly changing world.The high pass rates consistently maintained by the institute speak of the high standards of education and the quality of service. The past students of KBBS are holding well remunerated senior jobs both locally and overseas.

What makes Special in our Education Program
The KBBS’s Pass Guarantee classes always ensures that you always pass your examination in the 1st attempt with high scoring, if you fail a paper on your first round due to unforeseen circumstances;you will be eligible to attend a FREE re-sit course’ at the next sitting – a real boost to your career success.
If you are aspiring to become a professional CA, ACCA, CIMA or AAT qualified Accountant; come to a place that values your commitment and we will give you the support you need to pass your examination in the first attempt with prizes and grow your career prospects.
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