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University of Sri Jayewardenepura : Annual Job Fair 2017 on January 6

The Career Guidance Unit oforganize its 10thAnnual Job Fair on the 6th of January 2017 at the university premises. It is a special program the unit carries out annually for the benefits of both of the new graduates and the private sector companies seeking young educated people for their ventures.
This annual event is organized with several objectives in mind. First, in order to provide the new graduates with an opportunity they face real interviews of their own university and test their personalities with reference the world of work. Second they are provided with the private sector employers with an opportunity. They identify fresh graduates for their companies. The third objective is to obtain a feedback from the employers who interview the new graduates and this feedback in taken into account in the training programmes provided by the Career Guidance Unit. The fourth but not least objective is to enhance the good image of graduation and the reputation of the University through a real interaction between the graduates, university teachers and the private sector employers.
In 2016 more than 40 leading companies participated for this program and began to recruit fresh graduates for their companies. In these career fairs a considerable number of under graduates were identified by the employers for job-oriented training and directed employment opportunities. This annual programs operate through three steps.
The first phase is dedicated for preparing the new under graduates for interviews.Special training programs are held to equip the undergraduates with the necessary personality qualities and attribution expected by the employers in the private sector. Well experienced private sector resource persons help to conduct the training programs.
The second phase consists of the main program of job fair. Here separate interview boards are organized in separate office rooms and the registered under graduate for this job fair are directed to interview board according to the interests of both of the graduates and the employers. Employers are supported to inform the organizers which type of graduates they are willing to interview and only such graduates are given the opportunity to be interviewed.
The third phase in the review of feedback gained by the interviewers and interviewees. First ,all the interviewers are invited to feedback review meeting at the end of the day and given an opportunity to share their experience and important ideas and suggestions with the graduates and the staff of the Career Guidance Unit. According to the start history of career fairs, this final stage is great importance for the unit to reorganize its program of career developmental guidance. Annually the feedback provided by the stake holders in seriously considered with the intension of reducing the gap between the employability of our graduates and the employability requirements of the private sectors companies.
Today the graduates who have actually followed the training offered by the CGU show a clear difference with reference to employability skills. The unit continuously updates its program and prepares graduates with personality qualities emphasized by the employers.
These companies already participated in the job fairs and selected suitable graduates have expressed their positive remark about our graduates. To them Career Guidance Unit has produced easy-to-work with and ready-to-learn and -work graduates. Our graduates have been able to earn this reputation anda result of their dedication through follow the Career Guidance programs.
This unit specially directs graduates to be employable citizens in their respective field of study by developing necessary transferable skills and other skills. For this purpose the unit conducts a career development course for undergraduates of all the four faculties, humanities and social sciences, Applied Science, Management studies and commerce and Medical Science With the support of well experienced private sector representatives.
The annual job fair convinced graduates the fact that a particular degree along does not help them to be employed but they must develop the skills expected by the modern world of work for being an effective employee. The job fair will successfully be held on 06th of January 2017 in the University of Sri Jayawardenepura.

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