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for MAS Group of Companies : CINEC conducts Professional Development Program

With a Vision To make Logistics an integral part of the Business model of the MAS Group of Companies ,CINEC launched their first batch of the Introductory training program in Logistics and Supply Chain management program (ILSCM)for them this November at their Campus in Malabe.
The program consisted of three professional courses which focused on facilitating operational level staff members to gain professional knowledge through structural learning methods, encouraging them to explore their inherent capacities;realizing the synergetic impact that could bring forth by combining their existing work based knowledge with theoretical learning; developing strategic path for carrier advancements capturing conceptual learning outcomes; creating an academic friendly culture; and bridging existing gaps with respect to knowledge and skills that sharpen the competitive edges of the company.The 8 key modules in the program consisted of Logistics; Transportation; Shipping; Business Organizations; Supply Chain Management; Business Communication; Freight Forwarding; and Leadership.
This program will be followed by the participants studying for theCertificate in Logistics and Supply Chain management (CLSCM) and Executive Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain management (EDLSCM) respectively.
The training program was highly customized and innovative with new training and coaching methodologies being used to mould non executive staff to systematically develop to high caliber managers in 18 months.90% attendance was made compulsory for the learners backed by well traineddemonstrators and a team of highly qualified lecturers from the industry that assisted the participants to complete assignments.
With the completion of the program those who have working experience in the logistics industry will be selected to follow an executive master’s degree in supply chain management.
Speaking of the program Mr.LalithEdrisingheHead of Logistics & Transport, CINEC Maritime Campusstated “Logistics improvement is the key to lower total manufacturing costs andmanufacturers in our country need to focus on this aspect very strongly in order to be efficient in their operations. They need to sustain and survive long term by investing in technology and improved operations. Key corporate decision makers in these organization need to be tasked with the measurement and management of all line item expenses and understand the impact of and cost reduction opportunities represented by logistics efficiency and logistics related expenses”
He added “Being the leading maritime campus in the country and having an experienced team of lecturers that are industry experts, we wanted to lend a hand to one of the leading manufacturing companies in the country for them to gain even further efficiencies in addition to what they already possess and to make them a leader in their field amongst the top industry giants in the global arena.”

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