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AT HRMI : Four year degree Pathway for students after GCE (O/L)

A student who sat the GCE (O/L) in 2016 will eventually enter the University in 2020 or could be even later. The opportunity of entering a local university is only for less than 5% of the students who sit the GCE (O/L). In 2015, 664,000 students sat the GCE (O/L) and less than 30,000 will be admitted to state universities in 2019. Could there be an alternative pathways to the 95% of the students for miss the university admissions. Though thereare many tertiary and vocational education opportunitiesfor post GCE A/L students, such pathways are uncommon for students after GCE (O/L).
Human Resource Management Institute (HRMI) in partnership with University of Northampton, UK and Pearson Edexcel UK has evolved a 4-year programme of studies which essentially eliminates 4 to 5 years of time-waste and enables a student to complete a Bachelor’s Degree by the age of 20.

Course Highlights
• This Programme of Study is especially designed enable post GCE (O/L) students to pursue a Degree in Business and Management or Tourism.
• In-lieu of GCE (Advanced Level), students are required to follow a 1 year Degree Foundation course,
• This Pathway will enable a student with GCE (O/L) to qualify with a globally respected and recognised Honours Degree in Business and Management studies in just 4 years.
• A student who has sat for GCE (O/L) in December 2016 is able to commence this programme in January 2017 with pending GCE (O/L) results and complete the Degree in 2020.
• In comparison, in the traditional pathway, a student who has sat the GCE (O/L) in December 2016 will be still awaiting admission to the University in 2020. It is likely that a student who enters a state University in 2020 will only complete their studies in 2024 or 2025.
• Accordingly a student who chooses the UK pathway will save around 4 to 5 years and could be employed by the age of 19 or 20. In comparison, a parallel student will be still awaiting admission to local university.
• Students have the options of pursuing the Degree whilst doing A/Ls in school on Part-time basis, OR pursuing the Degree on Full Time Basis
• Students have the options of pursuing BA (Hons) in Business and Management OR BA (Hons) in International Tourism Management from University of Northampton, UK.
• Whilst all 4 years could be studied in Sri Lanka, the students have an option of studying the Final Year of the Degree in UK
• The total investment to complete the degree would be approximately Rs. 1.1 million, payable by installments over 48 months. This fee is subject to change due to increase of fees by the University in UK and exchange rate fluctuations
• All students are guaranteed with an Internship Training of not less than 6 months attached to a good company. This training will facilitate Employment
Between 2011 – 16, was shortlisted for ‘Business School of the Year’, for Student Satisfaction, top 50 UK University, Most Enterprising University of the Year, Outstanding Leadership and Management Team, Entrepreneurial University of the Year, University with Highest Student Employability, No. 1 for Research Management, No. 1 for Value Added and No. 1 for Social Enterprise Changemaker Campus status by AshokaU, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs.

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