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The CfPS Law School celebrates its 10th successive year

The University of London (UoL) LL.B offered by the CfPS Law School, is considered to be one of the most versatile and sought after degrees in Sri Lanka. Though there are many routes to enter into the legal profession, many prospective lawyers opt for the UoL LL.B provided by the CFPS Law School. This is not only because the degree is reputed and flexible but also because it is a multifaceted degree, where students will be able to complement other professional and academic qualifications with their LLB(London).
Mr. Nanda Muruttettuwegama, joint Managing Director of the CFPS Law School, further elaborated about the UoL law courses.
1. How does one enter into the legal profession in Sri Lanka through the UoL LLB degree?
In a period of 3 years, prospective law students should complete their LL.B degree. If the student is already a degree holderfrom any recognized university by the UoL (can be of any discipline), it would take the student a minimum of 2 years to complete the LL.B degree. After obtaining the degree, the student can gain entry to Law College to obtain his/her professional qualification. This route is considered to be more fruitful as the student will be able to procure a LL.B degree and can gainentrance directly to the Sri Lanka Law College, without facing the extremely competitive Law college entrance examination. An LL.B (Lon.) degree holder will only take a year to complete the Law College examinations, rather than the stipulated three years. Following the completion of the student’s professional qualification obtained through Law College, the student will be able to take oaths as an Attorney-at-Law.
2. What are the benefits of choosing the University of London LL.B rather than any other LLB from the UK?
The University of London was established in 1858, and has stood through the ages as one of the top rated and prestigious universities in the world and in the UK. The standard of the UoL LL.B is assured by the Quality Assurance Agency of the UK. The UoL LL.B is regarded as an ‘international gold standard’ in legal education. It is a proven fact that UoL law graduates are of high caliber and a have a greater edge over many other UK law graduates in regards to career opportunities within the legal profession both in Sri Lanka and aboard.
3. Can a student do the University of London LL.B without going to England?
Yes, it is indeed possible to do the entire course by following lectures atCfPS law School. The British Council conducts the examinations on behalf of the UoL. The papers are, thereafter sent to London to be marked by UoL examiners. The same examiners mark the examinations of the students of the Colleges of the UoL as well. It is important to note that the LLB degree is awarded by the UoL and not by the CFPS Law School.
4. What are the benefits of following the UOL LLB at the CFPS law school?
The CFPS Law School is a unique institution as its prime focus is on Law. The CFPS is a registered centre of the UoL International programmes. The CFPS Law School was established in 1991 and has produced over 5,000 lawyers during this period. These successful lawyers have not only been produced through our UoL L.L.B course but also through our Law College entrance courses.
5. What are special features of the course?
We have an academic faculty that includes both legal practitioners and legal academics who possess both local and UK academic and professional qualifications. We have interactive lecture sessions which ensure that our students receive individual attention thereby helping them to discover and improve their true potential. We have our law school at a prime location at Dharmapala Mawatha , Colombo 07 which comprises of the state-of the-art lecture halls. We also provide free wi-fi facilities and library access throughout the week. Career guidance is an integral part of the foundation of the CfPS Law School, with students receiving numerous opportunities in furthering their carriers through our special internship programmes.
To give our students the opportunity to explore their abilities, and fine tune their skills we frequently organize moot court sessions, informative court visits, educative parliamentary visits, student union debates and many other such activities. We believe extra-curricular activities are vital for a student’s overall holistic education.
6. What is the cost involved in following the UoL LL.B course?

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