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At NorthshoreCollege of Business & Technology, Colombo; The ultimate learning experience

With the grandiose facade, beautiful interior spaces and modern facilities, Northshore College of Business & Technology stands apart from all the other colleges in Sri Lanka. It was established with the objective of providing qualitytertiary education, both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, to aspiring Sri Lankan studentswho do not get the opportunity to enter a state university or go abroad for higher studies.
Its aim is to provide each and every student an opportunity to obtain a prestigious internationally accepted UK degree right here in Sri Lanka, at a fraction of the costwith flexible payment terms in-order to make high quality education affordable and within the reach of the average student.
Northshore conducts accredited degree programmes ofThe University of the West of England, thus enabling its students to become the first choice of the Sri Lankan business and industry.
The delivery of the programmes and assessment of students locally are maintained at the same standards of The University of the West of England in order to ensure that the students following the relevant programmesare on par with those studying in the UK. The certificate awarded on completion is exactly the same certificate of The University of the West of England.
At Northshore,students will definitely be able to achieve their academic goals and secure employment in their chosen profession once they complete the relevant degree. Inthe process, they will not only gain the essential skills for life but also become persons of moral, intellectual and professional excellence, capable of building a better life for them and their families.

For more details, you can log on to the college website or call on +94 11 5 990000

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