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Chemex 4 to mark the 75th anniversary of Ceylon Chemical Society

The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (IChemC), the only professional body of Sri Lankan Chemists, proudly organizes its’ biannual social event, Chemex -4 in January 2017 to mark the diamond jubilee of the Ceylon Chemical Society established in 1941. Armed with academics, renowned scientists, and industrialists the event itself quenches the thirst of chemistry lovers in various disciplines.
With unprecedented support and untiring collaborative well-wishers, the enthusiastic students at the College of Chemical Sciences (CCS) the educational arm of the IChemC, work hard to deliver the best to the public from January 26 to 28 at Sri Lanka Exhibition and Conventional Center (SLECC) to celebrate the seventy-five years of undisturbed service.
Having exhilarated experience in past, the IChemC has come up with a new theme to inculcate the chemistry of chemistry to the eagerly waiting community as well as to the cold shoulders in terms of magic shows, debates, exhibits, stalls and other goose bumping experiments.
By keeping the unbroken relationship with the state universities and the research institutes, the IChemC invites the schoolchildren, teachers, educators, industrialists and the public to take the benefits of this blue moon event, which would be an unforgettable experience to the life.
Over hundred of exhibition stalls form various generous sponsors; the participants will surely find the answer to the question “why”.
The participants would get to know the daily chemistry they are using from morning to the evening, which might be in their foods, cosmetics, and clothing.
Therefore, the organizing committee kindly requests the head of schools to encourage the respective students to pay a visit to SLECC to grab the maximum out of this effort. The organizers will ensure that all exhibits are elucidated to facilitate the participants’ learning process.
The glamorous magic shows available at a nominal fee, which raise your eyebrows, will demonstrate the power of chemistry. Hardly seen, but never experienced colorful chemistry practical will definitely take you to the hidden areas of the life from microscopic world to the macroscopic world. The participant will never regret for the time and energy put on to visit this grand exhibition. Therefore, we request you to mark your calendar and visit the Chemex -4 with your kith and kin in the dawn of the year 2017.
For additional information about the exhibition including stall sponsorships, please visit our website or call us at 2861653, 2861231

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