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Edulink International Campus gears

EDULINK International Campus (EIC) a part of EDULINK Consultants of Dubai, is a multinational education company with campuses around the world, conducting world-class business, management and IT degrees with a global perspective and offers internationally recognized qualifications from the highly ranked Universities of Greenwich and Northampton.
The Board of Directors from EDULINK in Dubai recently visited the Campus in Sri Lanka to discuss their future plans and to further strengthen the collaboration and work together to build degrees tailored to meet the demand of the job markets in the future .
The Directors from EDULINK Consultants, Dubai, UAE included Dr. Misho Ravic, Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer who holds 30 years of experience in education and has been involved in establishing and running a number of educational institutions in Dubai, Canada, Africa and the UK as well as playing a key role in setting up the Middlesex University campus in Dubai.
Accompanying him was Mr. Bharat Ratteshwar, Chief Financial Officer, a highly experienced finance professional with over 16 years of experience in finance and auditing and has led finance teams in a number of global companies that covers manufacturing, contracting, audit & assurance (including ’big 4’ audit firms), oil & gas, conglomerates, health care and the education sector.
Also present was Professor Helen Mason, Group Academic Director counting over 30 years of academic, administrative and research experience in top UK Universities, including Birmingham, Imperial College and St. George’s, University of London.
Dr.Misho Ravic explained that EDULINK was set up with the intention of taking higher education to a new level by building strategic partnerships with well respected universities from around the world. Hence, EDULINK joined forces with Middlesex, Greenwich and Northampton,University, all of which are recognized and highly sought after by employers worldwide.
He said their concept was in offering quality academic programmes from renowned British Universities, such as the ones they are affiliated with currently, to a country providing both the required funding through the university partner providing the academic content to ensure that students in the relevant country gains the same degree as that of in the UK.
This has been their winning formula which has worked very successfully in the countries they operate in, which constitutes of Sri Lanka, Dubai and Nairobi.
He added thatin order to deliver future generations with the right set of skills and knowledge, EDULINK would be looking at continuing the trend of identifying talented students and offering them scholarships, whilst focusing on the enhancement and preservation of quality in teaching, research, relevance of programmes, skills-based training, the employability of graduates and the establishment of strong links with businesses in all key industries.
Professor Helen Mason, added to these comments by saying that owing to the scope and pace of change, society has become increasingly knowledge-based. “EDULINK intends to educate highly qualified graduates and responsible citizens able to meet the needs of all industries, by offering relevant qualifications, including professional training, combined with high-level knowledge and skills, using courses and content continually tailored to meet the future needs.
She stated “Entrepreneurship being a key driver of the economy, we as educators believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual success.
Therefore we equip students with an entrepreneurial mindset at the outset and support the development of applying entrepreneurial learning in the classroom that delivers the right skills for the growth of entrepreneurship.”
The advancement of knowledge through research was another essential function that EDULINK will focus on and ensure that all members of their academic community is engaged in research and are provided with appropriate training, resources and support.“We will be responding to the work requirements of the future and develop programmes which integrate theory and training on the job and provide both broad general education and targeted, career-specific education, focusing on skills and aptitudes and equip our students to live in a variety of changing settings and challenges. ”

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