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Register now at Horizon Campus for Cert.HE in Law/LL.B

Horizon Campus has become one of only three recognised institutions to offer the world renowned degrees of the University of London in Sri Lanka. Horizon Campus started its operations in the year 2011 and has been working with the prestigious University of London in the following year. The long term plan was is to offer its degrees at its purpose built campus premises in Malabe. Apart from being a UGC/MoHE approved degree awarding body, Horizon also offers an international flavor via degree programmes offered through partnerships with another 5 other different international universities around the world.
However, its “Jewel in the Crown” was always working with the University of London International Programmes. The vision and mission of the management of Horizon Campus was to become recognised by the University of London within as short a time as possible. To this end, Horizon has always strived to maintain the required facilities and achieve exam results which would satisfy the minimum standards needed of partners of the University. The initial goal of achieving the “RECOGNITION” from the University of London was achieved by the end of 2014 and the Campus has continued to strive with its goals of excelling in academia over the next 1 ½ years.
Horizon Campus now offers the prospective students of the LL.B. degree programmesyet another pathway through the “Cert in Common Law”, which is otherwise previously known as the “Diploma in Law.“ Horizon Campus takes pride in the simple fact that it is yet again the fastest in Sri Lanka, to receive this right/privilege from the University of London International Programmes.
The CertHE Common Law is a qualification in its own right and provides a pathway into the second year of the LL.B. degree programme. The subjects taught on the CEertHE are as the same taught on the 1st year of the LL.B pathway. Thus the opportunity of entering the 2nd year of the LL.B., once qualified to do so via the CertHE study route.
The benefits of the CertHE in Common Law are many. Key amongst them is the fact that a student could study for the CertHE, with sufficient O/L qualifications, provided he/she satisfies the age requirements. Furthermore, this is also a qualification in itself, meaning that if a student wishes to exit the UoL Laws programme, he or she would have a world recognized qualification after 1 year of study. Furthermore, unlike the degree pathway route, the students could continue classes for the CertHE on a fulltime basis and revert to the part time programme from the 2nd year of their study programme.
In order to receive recognition for the CertHE in Common Law programme, an institution has to demonstrate that it meets or exceeds a set of Recognition Criteria developed by the University of London, set out as expectations and indicators. To this end, the University of London undertook a stringent review of Horizon Campus, culminating in the visit of a panel of senior staff from the University of London and those Colleges that provide academic direction for the degrees offered at Horizon. This panel met with students, lecturers and staff alike, to identify and ascertain whether Horizon Campus had maintained achieved the required standards to obtain such a recognition from the University.
The facilities requirement was supplemented by the students reading for their degree programmes also achieving excellent results at the exams held last May, which was over 93% for the LLB and 90% for the BSc Degrees, respectively. The “Commendation” received by Horizon Campus from the University of London is proof in itself of the academic excellence achieved by its students, over the past several years. Furthermore, Horizon Campus has also strived to provide students with the necessary international and industry exposure by organizing foreign transfer programmes, scholarship schemes which has assisted in relieving the financial burden to parents, transport facilities to and from Campus, organization of CSR Projects and extra- curricular activities through its Student Council, which delivers on the truly holistic atmosphere required for higher education.
Horizon Campus currently offers tuition/support to 4 university of London & London School of Economics Degrees through the International Programmes as follows:
Bsc in Accounting & Finance
Bsc in Banking & finance
Bsc in Business & management

For further inquiries on the CertHE in Common Law or degrees on offer at Horizon Campus, prospective students and parents are invited to call

Thilina 0716 613 613 or contact Dr.RuwanPerera, Dean of the International Programmes, via email on [email protected] for further advice

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