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Rotaract club of edulink conducts series of beneficial projects

The Rotaract Club of EDULINK International Campus (RCEIC) having commenced it’sjourney in 2014 comprises of the undergraduates from all faculties in the Edulink International campus.
Currently lead by it’s president Rtr. NipunPerera along with it’s board of Directors recently concluded some key projects to benefit their community.
Saving our shores : The first amongst the line up of these worthy projects was “Team Up to Clean Up “ which was launched to clean up the beach of Wellawatte, joined by many of the other Rotaract Clubs in the district. Speaking of the project the president of the club Nipun said “ Our beaches are the frontier of the oceans health .Garbage – especially plastics – degrade over time and they release chemicals into the environment. Once those chemicals have leached into water and soil, it can take many years for them to break down. In addition when this trash gets washed into the ocean, animals can easily mistake this trash such as plastic bags and bottles for a certain food source. Study after study has shown that a large number of marine animal deaths are now a direct result of marine debris such as this . With the ocean being an important source that provides us with the basic elements of life such as producing half of the oxygen that is in the air we breathe, as well as being an imperative part of the water cycle by supplying us with the water we drink, we strongly believed that all of us have a profound stake in having a healthy ocean that is free of trash and debris and in protecting our marine animals from an untimely death . These were the key aims we had in conducting this project“ .
Saving lives through blood donation :The second project titled “Save a Life “ consisted of a blood donation campaign with the aim contributing to assist Thalasemic children as well as other patients who need blood transfusion. On the day, 75 people donated blood for this worthy cause and the collection was donated to the blood bank of Sri Lanka.
Paying respect to the Departed :The next project initiated by the RotaractClub of EDULINKnamed “Dignity for Departed” comprised of cleaning up the neglected GorakanaCemetry in Panadura that was overgrown with grass and not maintained .The students cleared up the grounds and the pathways leading to the graves , placed garden seats in the cemetery and lighted up the whole cemetery with oil lamps and lanterns . To close off the proceedings a pirith ceremony was conducted.
The Rotaract Club of EDULINK since it’s inception has been instrumental in holding many worthy projects of this nature over the last two years .In addition, to these community service projects they have also completed a series of events to foster the talents of the youth through “ YOLO challenge” a series of fun filled and knowledge building activities for students who have just completed their ordinary level and advanced level examinations to step out of their comfort zone and to put into practice all the theory they have learnt by practically adopting them into real life scenarios that will test their team spirit, time management, leadership skills, physical strength and courage , Wild Card”, an exciting and entertaining card tournament comprising of OMI and 304. Rotaractors from the fellow clubs participated and it acted as a perfect platform for all the rotaractors to bond with each other. And SPARK an event targeted for talented individuals to unleash their voice and compete against each other .
With a short history of just two years, the Rotaract club of EDULINK will continue their quest of working together to help assist in lending a hand to solve some of our community’s most challenging problems.

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