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Negombo South International School Network

A daunting task began on the 4th of September 2006. It was quite arduous and was a formidable task undertaken by both Dr. Paul Perera and his son Anushke Perera. A tiny branch of a massive tree began its tiny buds and gradually grew up to be a heavy branch naming herself as Negombo South International School Network, with a mere two-figure staff. It is through the integrity and dedication of the management, the number of students began to grow in leaps and bounds. At present the complement of students are around 1,300 and well qualified and experienced mentors numbering nearly 100. Through our dedicated work and perseverance we have reached the highest standards of education, sports, technology and with massive infrastructure facilities we have grown into a fully fledged international school.
Our rapid progress was mainly due to the devotion, sacrifice and the endurance of the father of N.S.I.S. Network, Dr. Paul Perera and his son, the Director of NSIS Piliyandala branch, Anushke Perera. It is their tremendous effort that brought the school up to the standard that prevails today. Now we celebrate the 10th anniversary and along with this anniversary we have some spectacular and remarkable achievements to be proud of and some of these events are the ‘Bana’ preaching, the Sil observations campaign which was meticulously planned and well executed by the management and another important aspect being the ‘Gava Abhayadana’ campaign.
From my point of view, ours is the only international school which gives the right place for Buddhist activities. As further evidence I should state that the school organised an alms-giving for elders and there was a grandfather who paid a glowing tribute by admitting that he had a poor impression of international schools but NSIS has beyond any doubt, proved to be the best international school and we appreciate these precious words as a compliment that was memorable.
Proceeding further the religious activities of the school and extra-curricular activities like the western music unit has highlighted our standards. The senior and the junior western bands have been very prominent and extravagant at sports meets, concerts and during many other special occasions. The school choir is organised and well trained with students of high versatility.
It is our school choir that participated in the annual ‘Bakthi Gee’ 2016. They contributed themselves whole-heartedly with the orchestra. Apart from these the announcing unit which was founded in the year 2012 under the guidance of our administratrix Mrs. Menuka Perera and has now become a successful announcing team with more than 40 well trained students making the daily announcements. On this adventurous journey the contribution of our debating society was inexplicable. Many talented students in Grade 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 who were well versed in their English took part-in the activities of the Debating Society.
In 2015 a selected group of students took part in a friendly debate with Musaeus College of Colombo under the topic of “Euthanasia’ and gained a very good knowledge in the art of debating. There are associations such as New Inventors Association, Astronomical Society etc. The young inventors from Grade 7 to 11 have made us proud by introducing many inventions, which includes a mini robot, water rockets, touch sensitive alarms etc. And our Astronomical Society had also performed quite credibly and giving us an opportunity to elaborate on our school’s performance.
There was a sky observation night camp organised for the first time in our school by the Old Nalandians. Our school astronomical team won the water rocket competition organised by the Nalanda College against many schools in Colombo thus gaining pride and honour, that was totally bestowed upon NSIS. The participants of the NSIS athletes, took part in many zonal, provincial, divisional and all-island competitions. We are the champions in Netball, Cricket, Chess, Gymnastic, Badminton, Aerobics, Karate, Basketball etc. The participants have won many accolades proving NSIS is a unique international school with fame and glory. The work done in improving the fluency of English language by the English Literary Association is of paramount importance. It has done a great job in making students familiar with English Language. In spite of the 10th anniversary of the school, the management had organised an overnight pirith chanting ceremony once again by giving leadership to religious activities.
Then came the hardest challenge for the Head Mistress Mrs. Enid Goonawardane. She had to raise funds for the prize-giving. Special fund raising activities such as fairs, food fiestas, raffle draws etc. were conducted and the prize-giving was held with pomp and pageantry on the 7th of October 2016. This prize-giving truly displayed the aesthetic skills of NSIS teachers as the welcome song written by Mrs. Achini Fernando and the melody together with the training by music teacher Mrs. Dinali Fernando and calling it “I’m flying” sung by the choir and the music provided by the orchestra. We would like to thank the teachers who organised, wrote and trained the participants of the drama called “ The Test” which enlightened the prize-giving and made it a great success. The contributions of grade 9,10,11 students are greatly appreciated.
There were also special awards for the best senior prefect and that was won by Kethmi Himasha of Grade 11, The award for the best junior prefect was won by Sandini Gihansa of Grade 9. The award for the academic excellence of junior was Chamathka Sandew Grade 4, secondary Lakshitha Ranawaka of Grade 6. Seniors were Sandini Gihansa of Grade 9 and Ayani Kiriela of Grade 10. Next was the award for the best all rounder being Anjula Pragathi of Grade 10 and we offer our heartiest compliments for all the winners.
We thank the souvenir committee of NSIS for expressing their gratitude towards the prize-giving and Dr. Paul Perera for the accepting generous invitation as the chief guest and for Anushke Perera for being the special guest. We also thank the administratrix Mrs. Menuka Perera, the upper section head mistress Mrs. Enid Goonawardena, Lower Section Head Mistress Mrs. S.A.D. Vinitha Piyaseeli who were the pillars behind the prize-giving.
Mrs. Achini Fernando, Mrs. Anuja Yapa, Mrs. Kaushalya Weerasinghe and Mrs. Chintha Didangoda who made an untiring effort to witness an extremely successful prize-giving. We do wish to thank all the teaching staff for their active participation and their diligent efforts are well appreciated. We do also like to offer our special thanks to the prefects’ guild and all the students of the school and all the parents parents who raised funds and for their enormous gratitude shown towards the school. We also thank the companies of Munchee and Fonterra who sponsored our refreshments. The Commercial Bank for their trustworthy sponsoring of commercial activities. The People of the press for their hard work and support to print out souvenirs and photographers of “B ONE” for their artistic choreography.
In a praiseworthy note to appreciate the offering of tributes the Chairman of NSIS Dr. Paul Perera and the Director of NSIS Anushke Perera by the head mistress of upper section and we should compliment her tribute as a masterpiece of her own creation that paid a glowing tribute to the Chairman and Director of the Negombo South International School. It was the first prize-giving of the school which synchronised with the tenth anniversary and do fervently hope and pray that our alma mater will wake up and cross any barrier and march towards our only vision and mission of providing the best of education to the sons and daughters of mother Lanka.

Mrs. E. Goonewardena

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