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PATHE ACADEMY, the leading education provider in Sri Lanka with over 20 years of abundant experience, launching its newest addition: pathway program in business: “Overseas university transfer ( OUT ) ” with the ability of subject specialization in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, HRM and Hospitality and Tourism Management. Overseas University Transfer (OUT) provides a guaranteed transfer pathway to the 2nd year of the management based undergraduate degrees over 50 universities in AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UK, USA, SWITZERLAND, SINGAPORE or RUSSIA with the key partners – University of Canberra – Australia, Griffith University – Australia, Southern Institute of Technology- SIT- New Zealand , Cleary University- USA, HTMi – Singapore and Switzerland and KUI- Russia.
In addition to getting an internationally recognized degree, students save more than 5 million of education fees and living expenses by completing their first year @ PATHE ACADEMY and save time by learning during the visa preparation period. PATHE Study Abroad, which is the overseas student recruitment arm, with over 20 years of experience in facilitating student admissions abroad will formulate your student visa while you are studying @ PATHE ACADEMY.
YOU GET IT ALL @ PATHE ACADEMY-1st year of the degree, IELTS /TOEFL exam preparation and student visa which make the OUT program unique and stand out from other competing products.
Getting an Internationally recognized degree and completing studies overseas has wide ranging beenfits. A plethora of life-changing and enduring academic, career, cultural, personal and social benefits all Sri Lankan students should give serious consideration to studying abroad for a year or two.
In recent decades, the number of students in Sri Lanka who have received full or some part of their education abroad has been rising rapidly. Given this rising trend, it is important to understand the potential benefits stemming from studying abroad. A major advantage claimed for study abroad programs is that they can enhance employability by providing graduates with the skills and experience employers look for. These programs also increase the probability of graduates being globally employable.
There are many reasons why employers consider candidates with foreign degrees and foreign exposure. Recent studies show that employers most important selection criteria in recruiting new staff are interpersonal skills and that these skills are likely to be strongest in individuals who have spent time abroad.
Many internationally mobile students are likely to become fluent in a second language. There is great evidence that speaking a foreign language will be rewarded in the labor market. While interpersonal skills and foreign language skills are often viewed as the most important benefit emerging from study abroad, there are many other advantages. Intercultural competence and willingness to be internationally mobile are likely to be highly valued in a global economy. Graduates who have spent some time overseas during their university studies are more likely to work effectively in a multicultural environment and may be more open to working in other parts of the world during their career. They are more flexible and open to change, enabling them to adapt to new situations, embrace different perspectives, and deal with ambiguity. Additionally, study

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