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University of Kelaniya unveils third consecutive Chapter : “Career Fair 2016” Magazine

The Career Guidance Unit of University of Kelaniya unveiled the third consecutive chapter of the “Career Fair 2016” Magazine which is launched alongside with the “Career Fair 2016”: the annual job fair of the university. The Magazine launch was successfully held at the Grand Crystal Ballroom, Hotel Taj Samudra on the 1st of November 2016, 3pm onwards. The event was graced by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Senior Professor Sunanda Madduma Bandara as the Guest-of-Honour and the CEO/MD of Chevron Lubricants Pvt Ltd, Kishu Gomes as the Chief Guest.
Launched based on the theme “A Cynosure of Undergraduates Prowesses Compassing to Mastery”, this year’s magazine covers four segments: Interviews, Articles, History of a Decade and Career Fair at Present. The objective of launching a magazine for the Career Fair 2016 is to bridge the gap between the academia and the corporate sector by strengthening the ties. “Career Fair 2016” magazine aims to lessen the obscurities which the corporates have when recruiting undergraduates and, simultaneously, an aid for the undergraduates to realize what the corporate sector expects; and advicesfor undergraduates to be suphoto-03ccessful personalities by achieving the heights of their future career prospects.
The Editorial Crew of “Career Fair 2016” Magazine led by the Chief Editor Dinali Ariyasinghe consisted of Undergraduates of University of Kelaniya had conducted interviews with several prominent personalities in Sri Lanka who represent various fields such as Corporate Sector, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Government Sector, Sports, and Aesthetics etc. The magazine includes interviews done with Bathiya Jayakod-: the famous singer, Niluka Karunarathna- the flag bearer for London Olympics 2012, Malinga Arsakularathna- Managing Director/ Leisure Travel Aviation Group and Executive Director of Hemas Holdings, Sharmila Bandara, Marketing Director for Personal Care at Unlievers Sri Lanka, Prof. Lal Mervin Dharamasiri, Chairman, Central Environment Authority and several other renowned personalities.
Apart from the interviews, articles written by the undergraduates who won the Inter-Faculty Magazine Article Competition organized by the Career Fair 2016 Organizing Committee are inclusive to the magazine. In addition, guest articles too are contributing to the magazine content.
Marking a milestone in the Journey of the Career Fair of University of Kelaniya, in this year it celebrates the Tenth Year Anniversary. Hence, articles on how the Career Fair was initiated and how it had inspired the careers of the Committee Members of the last decade are inclusive in the magazine. Notwithstanding, the current stage where the Career Fair is in and the online availability of Career Fair in different social media platforms are mentioned under the segment “Career Fair at Present”.
After the ceremonious launch of the Career Fair 2016 Magazine, the Chief Guest of the event Kishu Gomes, shared his thoughts on the Magazine: “I do contribute to many magazines locally and internationally every now and then, and presentation is extremely important in the modern world. The presentation of Career Fair 2016 Magazine is excellent and I give 100% marks for that. Even the content of the magazine is very productive. The magazine which launched shows that you all are a pool of undergraduates who are talented, skillful, creative and knowledgeable. Above all, you are very optimistic to achieve the right quality that is demanded by the modern world.” Furthermore, he expressed his views on the Career Fair of University of Kelaniya: “As Sri Lankans, our objective is to see Sri Lanka progressing from where we are today to a level where we can offer the quality of life. I am glad that University of Kelaniya could hold a high profile event like this at a five-star hotel. With your talents, you have generated the resources required for this grand event and in my point of view, this elevation is a fine example to every other university in Sri Lanka to showcase their talents in international standards.”
The magazine launch itself served as a rendezvous between the academia, corporate world and the government sector which was graced by several other dignitaries such as Sharmila Bandara, Marketing Director for Personal Care at Unlievers Sri Lanka, Prof. Lal Mervin Dharamasiri, Chairman, Central Environment Authority, representatives from corporate sector and media, Alumni of Career Fair Organizing Committees and University Undergraduates.

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