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The correct guidance for Russian education




rassiThe Russian Center in Colombo (Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy) plays an important role in tightening the bond between Sri Lanka and Russia through promoting Cultural and Educational activities in Sri Lanka. In the period of Mr.Andrey Nazarkin, the Director of Russian Center in Colombo and the Counselor to the Russian Embassy emphasizes the success of accomplishment in strengthening the relationship between the countries. The discussion with Mr.Andrey Nazarkin will assist Sri Lankan students who have received Advance Level results and who are waiting for the results.

Q – Sir, in which fields your center is supporting the students?
A – A large number of classes are conducted at the Russian Center such as Drama & Theatre, Classical Ballet, Classical Music, Art, Chess, Information Technology and Russian Language which are very popular among children who find the atmosphere of the Russian Center very attractive.

Q – Can you notify the Opportunities for Higher Education Russia?
A – Everyone who wants to study in the Russian Universities which are renowned to be among the best in the world is welcomed. Russian Education Center (REC) is the official representative for the Russian Universities and Sri Lankan Students get the ability of studying in a Russian State University through paying basis. Promotion of Russian Higher Education is a very important part of work of the Russian Centre with the collaboration with REC, specially Medicine and Engineering.

Q – What is the affiliation between Russian Education Center (REC) and Russian Center in Colombo?
A – The Russian Education Center (REC) which is situated at Nugegoda, has been collaborating with the Russian Center in Colombo, over many years to provide the best Russian Education opportunities to Sri Lankan Students and is the Sole Representative for many Russian State Universities including Kursk State Medical University and Tver State Medical University. The Education Section in the Russian Center in Colombo, headed by Dr.Lasantha Amarakoon, takes the registrations and direct admission to the universities.

Q- Acknowledge the Support given by Russian Education Center (REC)
A – REC is a Spontaneous and Credulous Place where Sri Lankan Students get an incomparable and outstanding guidance throughout the Study time. Especially Dr.Lasantha Amarakoon, the Director of Russian Education Center is also a Graduate from a Russian State University and he instructs students who go there to study through his own experiences and guide them what to do and what not to do. He provides a Free Introductory Course in Russian Language and Medicine for registered medical students and a free mathematical course for registered engineering students. And also he trains the students well who have studied in Sinhala Medium and coach them to reach the victory.

Q – Does REC give the support over the duration of the study period?
A – According to era of my service, all the students who have gone through REC, entrusted and their feedback verify the consistent and continual service given by REC till the students complete their Education in Russia. REC takes the responsibility and guarantees the Security of Sri Lankan students in the university.

Q – After completing the Degree in Russia, Can students work in other Countries?
A – Of Course yes. There is a tremendous demand for the Russian Medical degree all over the world as it is recognized by WHO and Medical Councils of many countries. Russian Universities such as Kursk State Medical University and Tver State Medical University have started the Education in English Medium in the present time as many international students are coming to the universities and after completion the degree they work successfully all over the globe as I am really proud to say that our graduates have been in the top.

Q – When can students apply for the Russian State Universities?
A – Students can apply for February and September intakes. You can get more details through the Education Section of the Russian Center in Colombo or Russian Education Center in Nugegoda.
Hotlines – 0711 – 80 80 80 / 0711- 70 70 70 / 0711 – 60 60 60

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