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Nittambuwa whiz-kid montessori and its academy; the london academy of english Takes the lead again!

5 All Island Winners, 17 All-Island
Qualifiers, 69 Gold Medals, 11 Silver Medals
and 4 Bronze Medalsschool

Children of the Whiz-kid Montessori and the London Academy of English have brought so much pride to Nittambuwa for five consecutive years.
and has achieved the same feat this year also by acquiring many awards and winnings at the Sri Lanka Performers Platform held recently in August; which is affiliated to the BIFF-UK, patroned by Her Majesty The Queen. They were able to win 05 All- Island Awards, 17 Finalist Awards, 69 Gold Medals, 11 Silver Medals and 04 Bronze Medals surpassing many competitors from around the Island; which was adjudicated by Mrs.Norma Redfearn and organized by Mrs. Achini Abeygunawardene, who is the Sri Lankan Representative.
It is no secret that the Whiz-kid Montessori is among the best in training children in English proficiency from every age category in the fields of pronunciation, presentation, voice modulation, etc. regarding language usage. Most parents may not have much interest in the value of the English Language, but the child with the passage of time may learn its effectiveness and its importance. Parents and elders should be aware of this situation, which has rapidly changed by now. Children who enter the Whiz-kid Montessori are developed in 07 main categories including both Sinhala and English Languages.
The Early Childhood of a child would be the ideal time to teach the English Language (or any language), as they tend to grasp very quickly including the correct pronunciation from the very beginning. Later-on they can be directed to read books, where they will learn the correct usage of words there-by gaining English proficiency.
This foundation laid by the Whiz-kid Montessori is enhanced by the London Academy of English which has a lot of credits to its name. In 2013, they won 02 All Island achievements, 12 Gold Medals, 18 Silver Medals and 02 Bronze Medals. Later in 2014, they won 03 All Island Achievements, and 30 Gold Medals, following that in 2015, they won 06 All Island Achievements, and 62 Gold Medals becoming the first in the Island. It is important to note that your child would be getting, not only an achievement but also a life-long knowledge base and progress with accurate English education along with internationally recognized competitive examinations. A small plant with proper nurturing on time will one day become a huge tree with ample fruit and flowering. If children are given such

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