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SLIIT International Office gears students for global opportunities

In today’s global economy, preparing students for an increasingly interconnected world and a global economy is paramount. The International Office at SLIIT advances learning by collaborating with students, faculty, staff, and global partners to integrate international experiences.
Spearheading the division and strengthening the position of the institute is highly qualified and respected academic Prof. Mahesha Kapurubandara, Dean of the International Office.
Commenting on her early days, Prof. Kapurubandara noted, “In 1999, I was the first academic to join SLIIT. I came in as a lecturer and first head of the academic division of SLIIT. Starting from scratch, with the support of the management, I did the recruitment, cultivated the team and developed the curriculum to launch the IT Degree/Diploma programmes at SLIIT”.
As a dynamic scholar, Prof. Kapurubandara received the ‘Female ICT Leader of the Year 2016’ award at the recently concluded National IT Conferenceorganized by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL). She is also the recipient of ‘Women in Management’ award for 2016 and holds the title as the first female to receive a Professorship in ICT in Sri Lanka. “The awards I have won can be attributed to my contribution to SLIIT; especially in the formative years,” commented Prof. Kapurubandara.
Prof. Kapurubandara earned her PHD in Information Systems from Western Sydney University – Australia, Masters in Computer Science from Asian Institute of Technology – Bangkok and BSc degree from University of Colombo. Holder of many awards and degrees, she has also worked in the industry both locally and overseas gaining immense exposure and experience to help enhance her career and contribute towards the growth of SLIIT.
“During my time at SLIIT, I received the opportunity to go regularly to the University of Uppsala in Sweden, as a visiting Professor. It was an extremely enlightening experience especially because SLIIT was in its formative years. Hence I was able to bring back a lot of experience and exposure which I used at the institute to develop and enrich our programmes,” said Prof. Kapurubandara.
The international office at SLIIT values the significance of an increasingly interconnected world. With the goal of introducing internationalization, the international programme at SLIIT places utmost importance in recruiting foreign students and establishing an exchange programme for both staff and students. Commenting on the goals for the international programme, Prof Kapurubandara noted, “We would like to increase the number of international students, enhance the exchange programme, run more international programmes and work with our partner universities on collaborations”.
In order to attract more international students, SLIIT offers scholarships for students in the SAARC region. Working with the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of External Affairs, High Schools and Higher Education Institutes in the SAARC, the institute creates awareness on the programmes at SLIIT.
At SLIIT, students are provided with opportunities to enhance knowledge, immersed in an exciting cross-cultural environment. Mobility programmes are conducted by inviting international students to Sri Lanka to network with local students and staff in collaboration with the SLIIT overseas partner universities.
Every month at SLIIT, a foreign academic conducts one or two lecture sessions. Additionally, there are exchange programmes with universities in Germany and France for students to attend, complete academic work and engage in industry based work.
With many activities in place which strengthen the international programme, SLIIT is also well equipped with over 300 highly qualified permanent staff, 50 PhD holders, state of the art facilities and a gamut of student events. Due to a high staff presence, the teacher – student relationship can be built and enhanced.

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