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SLIOP offers job oriented industry training

Many thousand young students, who denied university entrance due to competition and insufficient cut off marks, are eventually joining the job seekers queue every year. For an instance, nearly 247,000 students sat the G.C.E A/L in 2013 and 143, 7400 of them were qualified for university entrance. But only 24,178 students admitted due to lack of facilities. What would be the future of the balance 223,000? This phenomenon cycles every year and a near number of students is joining a queue of bleak future.
At a time, even university undergrads are taking to the street demanding government jobs, what would be the destination of others? What would youth only with Ordinary Level qualifications only do in the future? Uncertainty remains for the young generation!
Having realized this burning social issue, a large number of private institutions seemed to capitalize the situation and attempt to attract this student population towards various courses of study. Mushrooming newspaper advertisements are clear evidence to the gravity of this national question. It is also an untapped business opportunity as well.
It is noticeable that certain private tutors sending leaflets to students’ personal addresses intending to lure them to various popular skill development courses in many areas of education, such as computer education, graphic designing and new media education. Ultimately many of such expensive skilled development courses offered by prevalent trainers, only exploit parents’ hard earned savings in the form of expensive course fees consequently the students would not be able to achieve expected level of skills and proficiency, as there is neither proper guidelines nor right direction to monitor them by the government in the field of training students for available jobs.
Having realized this national dilemma, Sri Lanka Printing Institute was incepted by a Parliament Act in 1984 to fill this void thereby training skillful professionals in the field of printing and graphic designing sector. As a government affiliated pioneer professional body committed to the advancement of knowledge, skills and expertise in the Print and Graphic Industry, Sri Lanka Printing Institute has already produced hundreds of professionals in the field. They have been successfully running printing and graphic business institutions here and abroad and, contributing towards economic success of those countries. In the backdrop of increase in competition in trade and commercial sector, Sri Lanka Institute of Printing is now engaged in a restructure programme where new strategies are utilized to furtherance of knowledge and modern industrial technology to meet the demands of modern markets.
Sri Lanka Institute of Printing is the only leading industrial education body that can provide the training in the various disciplines of the Graphic Arts industry and higher levels of print education in Sri Lanka today. Equipped with the necessary infrastructure, equipment, modern machinery and after all, the expertise teaching staff to impart modern technical know-how to the students, the Institute could provide training of any requirement demanded by the industry. In addition, the Institute could provide guidance and assistance to individual printers to develop techniques and methods to meet the technological advancements of their individual business houses.
To support the Government’s endeavor to make the country quality and productivity conscious, the Institute has already introduced short courses for managerial and supervisory staff with a view to enhancing their knowledge and skills. Quality and productivity have been made two inseparable elements in these courses.
Among other objectives of the Institute are: To train those presently employed in the printing industry by improving techniques, processes, raw-material utilization, planning etc. with a view to improving the standards of local printing business organizations. It also committed to organize training courses in printing technology and management. In addition, it offers certificates and diplomas relating to the training courses, share industry information on new syllabuses, techniques and available courses of study through news and electronic media. The Institute has also participated in international trade fairs and acquired latest techniques and know-how and relevant information to uplift the standards of the country’s graphic arts industry.
Another outstanding achievement of the Institute is its overall performance in its academic and skill development area to be recognized by the University of Colombo. As a result of this achievement, the Advanced Diploma in Printing Technology and Management and Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication and Management coursers were recognized as pre requisites to enter the MBA offered by the University of Colombo. Having earned much coveted MBA today is a plus point to via for any high paid printing and graphic art jobs locally or internationally.
Apart from this highest ever printing qualification in Sri Lanka, offered by the Sri Lanka Printing Institute – – there are several other technical training courses for different sectors of printing industry. Even with rudimental educational qualification, young Sri Lanka students can enroll for Courses such as Computer Graphic Design, Typesetting and Desktop Publishing, MS office, Computer Hardware and PC Assembly and, Printing Courses such as Offset Lithography, Costing and Estimating, Design for Print, Digital Pre Press, Sheet fed Li-tho press, Book binding and finishing, Print Production Management (Management for Print Supervisors), Conventional Digital Planning and Plate making and Offset Li-tho for school leavers and Multimedia and Diploma Courses such as Advanced Diploma in Printing Technology and Management, Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication and Management , Diploma in Graphic Design, Non linear editing, Digital Animation and Web designing.
Those who enrolled to these courses, during the first couple of month, they will learn theatrical and basic environment of the subject and, later they are provided internship with various state or private sector institutions who are leading the industry in the country today.
As the country’s economic development is gaining momentum, and specially the core of the economy expanding mainly on export, printing and packaging industry is definitely to be a top notch in the future, and the manpower requirement will be high as the demand for printing and packaging industry is increasing due to the international trade and industry is fast spreading in the world and, Sri Lanka has also become a trade hub in the Indian ocean.
Under these circumstances, young learners of printing and graphic art will have ample job opportunities. To become such right persons, one should definitely study the industry techniques from a reputed and recognized institutions such as Sri Lanka Printing Institute. One clear assurance that the Sri Lanka Printing Institution is giving to its prospective students is its affiliation to the government, its modern educational facilities, good rapport with the leading industrial partners, after all, a top class lecture group to guide the students along the right path.

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