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Chemical Education Exhibition and Trade Fair-Institute of Chemistry Ceylon ready for “CHEMEX -4”

The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, the largest producer of Graduate Chemists and Laboratory Technicians in Sri Lanka proudly celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2016. As part of its Anniversary Celebrations,the Institute has planned to conduct “CHEMEX -4”Educational Exhibition and Trade Fair from 26th to 28th January 2017 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC).
The Institute conducted its most successful MegaExhibition and Trade Fair “CHEMEX -1” in 2011 under the theme “Chemistry Our Life- Our Future” as part of the UN International Year of Chemistry at BMICH. The Sri Lanka National Secretariat for UNESCO, several Ministries and relevant Government Agencies, private sector industrialists, universities and media organizations contributed to the success of the exhibition. The Ministry of Education extended its fullest cooperation by facilitating the participation of thousands of school students from all parts of the country. In view of its success and the increasing demand for such type of exhibitions the Institute conducted “CHEMEX- 2” in 2012 and “CHEMEX -3” in 2014 and now planning for “CHEMEX 4”.The Institute has planned to get the cooperation of the Ministry of Education as in the previous years.
This year’s theme of the Institute is“Role of Chemists for a Better Tomorrow”. A large number of fascinating well organized stalls that are to be set up by the industrial sector will depict various aspects of chemistry and chemical industrial products. University students and the students of the College of Chemical Sciences will demonstrate “wonders of chemistry”through chemical products and chemical reactions of educational and industrial value. The Exhibition is expected to attract a good cross section of the society of around 200,000 people consisting of school children, university students, businessmen, industrialists, academics and the general public from all over the country. This exhibition is unique in that, it will consist of multifarious activities such as seminars, debates, chemistry magic shows, dramas and chemistry demonstrations, as well as kiddies play, musical programmes, dances and many other entertainments. It is indeed very much more than a conventional exhibition.
The industrial sector stall holders at “CHEMEX -4”Educational Exhibition and Trade Fair will have the opportunity for maximum exposure of their products to a large cross section of the society. The visitors including school children will also have the opportunity develop their enthusiasm and interest in chemistry and chemical sciences while they will be able to witness ‘wonders of chemistry’ demonstrated by the College of Chemical Sciences and the Universities. They have the opportunity to witness how chemistry is involved in their day to day life. The studentswill have an additional benefit of participating atthe debates and seminars which will be conducted by the academics and professionals in chemistry and chemical sciences and listen to key note addresses and guest speeches delivered by eminent chemists and industrialists in Sri Lanka. The theme of the year “Role of Chemists for a Better Tommorrow”will no doubt deeply penetrate into the minds of younger generation, policy makers and general public through the exhibition.
Details of the exhibition can be obtained by contacting the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon.

Tel No. 2681231, 2861653,4015230.

email [email protected]

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