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Field trips for ANC MMI students

ANC- MMI is a member of the ANC Education Group and is a joint venture project between ANC group and MMI Singapore.
Educational tours give us opportunities to visit numerous places that may help us visualize what we are learning at the Montessori. Therefore, a ‘City tour’ was organized for the students from Nursery. This was planned as the topic for this month was ‘Transportation’. Children were given an experience to enjoy a ride on a luxury bus.
Nursery 1 students recently visited a model village ‘Apey Gama’ to conclude their studies on ‘homes’. They were able to see many types of village huts and houses built using clay and learnt about the roofs made with hay. The village chief gave a detailed explanation on different types of homes and how people lived in decades prior to us. Most children were able to distinguish a traditional home from a modern home after their tour to this village.
The visit to the supermarket can be a great learning experience. With some imagination, it becomes a place where children can reinforce in a practical way some of the most important concepts they learn in the classroom. Nursery 2 students were taken to a supermarket which allows them to relate the concepts they learn to real life. As we adults shop for food in the supermarket, we teach them not only mathematics, but also concepts of geography, science and nutrition.
Solar system classroom activities are very important in teaching students about the Sun and the planets that orbit it. The kindergarten students had a day out at the planetarium.
All students from all MMI Centre’s met at the different locations to enjoy their educational tours which is an important part in the curriculum.
For further information of the preschool, call 0777701010.New semester will commence in January 2017.

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